We help businesses
to tell their story

We do this through good design and by following our four-stage design process:



  • Listen


    Our design process always starts with listening. Until we know what you want to achieve, we cannot know what to design, or indeed if design can help!

  • Understand


    For us, it is essential to develop a deep understanding of your business, your product or service, your audience and your specific objectives. Otherwise, we have nothing against which to measure the effectiveness of our design.

  • Create


    Having established an understanding of what our design needs to achieve, we can then begin the creative process. Our fully qualified designers are experienced at producing creativity that will be both effective and appealing.

  • Implement


    We work closely with our clients throughout a project, including the implementation (whether or not we are undertaking it), to ensure that every project is completed smoothly, on time and to the highest standards.

Design Matters

We like to write about the benefit of design in business as well as interesting creative works.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are a group of designers, artists and wordsmiths with a wealth of experience between us and a passion for what we do.

  • Simon de Kretser


    Design, guitars, cycling & archery

    Simon de KretserPartner

  • Stephen Foster


    Fine Art, photography & Tintin

    Stephen FosterPartner

  • Marian de Kretser


    Archery, genealogy & pink

    Marian de KretserPartner

  • Ollie de Kretser


    Music, gaming & travelling

    Ollie de KretserCommunications Manager

  • Rebecca Casselman


    Bookshops, exploring, & pie baking

    Rebecca CasselmanJunior Creative Artworker

  • Liam McAuley


    Gaming, Cycling, Rugby

    Liam McAuleyJunior Creative Artworker

28 years of design and counting

We work with a wide variety of clients from international businesses to SMEs and start-ups, some of whom have been with us for 20 years or more. It's a portfolio of which we are very proud.

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