So what makes us different?

Design is a journey.
Let us be your guide:

We don’t do change
for changes sake!

We respect the work of other designers and are always happy to work with the good design of others.

Working with us is fun!

You may not want exciting accountancy, but design with FdK should never be dull – it is all about discovering real needs and problems and finding the right solution, and that is always going to put a smile on your face!

You are always part
of the process

Our clients are as much part of the team as our designers, you are never left out of the loop and are always invited to contribute to the design process.

We don’t do ‘Passionate’ or ‘Dynamic’

We’d hope that our clients would regard it as a base requirement that our designers are interested in design and the world around them, it’s what you do with that interest that counts!

I’m in a hurry.
Just give me the headlines.

I’ve got a minute. Impress me with what you do!

Far too many words.
Show me some
of your work!

Looks like we could work together.
Please contact me.

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