A few days ago our attention was drawn to the wonderful world of Bellerby & Co Globemakers and the great social media content they produce.

In our highly digitised world, Bellerby & Co provide a lovely throwback to a hand-crafted world now dominated by the likes of Google Maps and GPS apps.

The company was set up back in 2008 after a failed search for a birthday present and has grown massively since, scoring commissions from the likes of Martin Scorsese and the National Geographic Society to name but a few.

The video above and Instagram images below will give you great insight into the precision and complexity of constructing a hand-made globe.

The Instagram images in particular will also provide you with a great example of a brand (also regularly using Twitter and Facebook) producing rich and meaningful content that their audience are keen to engage with.

As Peter Bellerby says: “It’s very important to me that we do everything in-house. I don’t want to get outside PR and marketing, I don’t want to get external companies facilitating things.”

He continues: “As much as I can, we do everything in-house, even if we make mistakes at times. But I would prefer it to grow organically and be something that we all are part of.”

That last bit is something very important to remember. Even if you do decide to get an external company involved with your content, it is important that you and your team are involved wherever possible.

It will help foster collaborative ideas and ensure you all feel part of the business as it grows.

(via Creative Boom)