We recently posted about a North Downs Way start marker being designed by us and built by Utopia Forge. Well, that wonderfully rusted, sculptural sign is now in place and is looking great!

Located near Farnham station, just off the A31, the sign marks the start of the 153-mile-long North Downs Way trail and we are very excited to see it installed.

All that’s left is to add a few information signs and wait for the seeds around the area to grow and then it will be truly finished!

It has been a wonderful project to be involved in and great to see our designs go from computer image to cut steel.

We are putting together a nice video and longer article that sums up the whole process and introduces some of the people involved, but for now you can check out the video we made at Utopia Forge here or watch a short timelapse below of the guys working on fitting the sign.

Stay tuned!