This can also be true for special effects and Ikea has proven that as 75% of its product shots are actually CGI.

We came across a CG Society article this morning and were amazed with the talent of Ikea’s in-house special effects studio.

Not because of the percentage of their products that are CG but with the level of detail in each image.

Each fixture and product image is constructed at virtually 4K – by – 4K pixels on a 1:1 scale with so much detail in them that you can actually see each thread from a sofa.

This shift to CG imagery makes the process of getting images on the website simpler, cheaper and faster. With traditional photography, you need to have prototype items built and shipped all over the world to be photographed. It’s a logistically difficult method and can be expensive and not very environmentally friendly.

It was back in 2004 that Ikea decided to change the way their product images are produced and they have come a long way in a fairly short time.

Now, they are constructing entire rooms and they look quite astonishing.

We posted a blog article this morning about considering every detail in advertising images but it is just as important with product images. As the CG Society article states, ‘they wanted to keep the sense of reality and the feel of a “lived in” environment’ and for that, every detail needs to be careful designed.

Take a look for yourself and be amazed!


Image Credit: Gerard Stolk